//Sports Ish// Not Gonna Happen…

“Manny accepted what was on the table and Mayweather rejected it. Haymon and Schaefer tried to convince Floyd all [Tuesday night] and [Wednesday] and he wouldn’t agree to it. He didn’t want the fight. He never wanted the fight. I always knew the fight wouldn’t happen.”

 Just when boxing began to make a resurgence in popularity with Pacquiao becoming an icon for the sport. Just when the best fight in the last 15 years was being set up. Just when 200 million dollars in potential gwap was on the table; boxing found a way to eff it all up. The fact that they cant iron out testing terms to get this fight cracking is BEYOND me. The Mayweather camp have basically thrown Pacquiao’s name in the mud accusing him of using ‘roids with NO EVIDENCE whatsoever and then it just got uglier than a Grace Jones album cover

Let’s keep it 100, I think that Floyd is shook. He’s the one that brought up the ‘Roid claims and he’s the one that has now backed out of the fight. He may be blaming it on the drugs, but I think the fact that Manny Pacquiao is his first REAL threat in sometime had him worried. Either way it sucks. I think they’ll get it done eventually, but right now theres just too much bad blood there. No pun intended.



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