//BMX// Adam 22 Interview

Adam Grandmaison, the dude behind The Come Up (which is the BMX equivilent to Nah Right as far as influence on the scene) recently sat down with Bike Rumor to chop it up about TCU’s orgins, future plans and his influence on the sport.

BIKERUMOR: It’s fair to say you’ve blown some major competition out of the water online, could you ever have anticipated your site being more popular than some of the major publishers?

I guess early on I came into things with the viewpoint of an actual rider, not an old ass industry dude. And while I do everything I can to accomodate and work with my advertisers, I never let them dictate the content of the site in a way that interferes with the viewing experience. I guess my viewpoint on what BMX is just matches up with what the viewers want to see. And in my humble opinion, I work my face off and do a really good job at what I do.

Peep it out HERE. Spotted on TCU


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