Lock It Up Tight, Bike Thefts Are On The Rise

That’s right folks, I spotted this lil piece on the front page of the L.A Times this morning:

Although crime is dropping in Los Angeles, there is one glaring exception: bicycle thefts, which rose 29% last year. Nearly 2,000 bikes were reported stolen last year — and authorities believe the actual number of thefts was much higher because so many people don’t report stolen bikes.
Los Angeles Police Department detectives believe the increase is due in part to more people using bikes to get around in some neighborhoods. A Times analysis of LAPD data found the USC campus area, Venice, parts of Hollywood and downtown L.A. to be hot spots for bike thefts.
LAPD detectives recently broke up a downtown bicycle theft ring and nabbed two men who allegedly swiped bikes downtown and sold them on Craigslist.com. At the motel of one of the alleged thieves, they found bolt cutters, hacksaws and a Mercedes-Benz equipped with a bike rack.

Make sure you lock your shit up.



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