Shaq aka “The Big Suitcase” is Not Alone..


His new name is “The Big Suitcase” but don’t trip he is not the only guy in NBA history to team hop toward the end of there paying days are over he has plenty of company..

• Robert Parish: Charlotte Hornets, 1994-96; Chicago Bulls, 1996-97.

• Karl Malone: Los Angeles Lakers, 2003-04.

• Gary Payton: Milwaukee Bucks, 2002-03; L.A. Lakers, 2003-04; Boston Celtics, 2004-05; Miami Heat, 2005-07.

• Scottie Pippen: Houston Rockets, 1998-99; Portland Trail Blazers, 1999-2003; Chicago Bulls, 2003-04.

• Allen Iverson: Denver Nuggets, 2006-08; Detroit Pistons, 2008-09; Memphis Grizzlies, 2009; Philadelphia 76ers, 2009-10.

• Nate Thurmond: Chicago Bulls, 1974-75; Cleveland Cavaliers, 1975-77.

• Hakeem Olajuwon: Toronto Raptors, 2001-02.

• Patrick Ewing: Seattle SuperSonics, 2000-01; Orlando Magic, 2001-02.

• Bill Walton: Boston Celtics, 1985-87.

• Michael Jordan: Washington Wizards, 2001-03.

Some of their twilights worked out better than others. Payton got his championship ring with the Heat, Walton got his second with the Celtics. Thurmond was regarded highly enough (for his character more than his 5.0 ppg and 6.3 rpg in 114 games) in two seasons with the Cavaliers to have his jersey number retired. The others? Yeah, not so much.


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