Arenas Is the Sneaker Champ

Arenas is The Sneaker Champ

The Orlando Magic’s Gilbert Arenas has drawn attention this season for his sneaker-wearing habits. A star player without an exclusive shoe contract, Arenas has worn a a variety of different shoes this season, including vintage Nike Air Pennys and a pair of Dolce And Gabbana sneakers for one game in Los Angeles.
Arenas’ team has announced the debut of, a “microsite” dediated to “catalog[ing] which shoes he wears in each game, every game.” Arenas has also set up a companion Sneaker Champ Twitter account, available at @thesneakerchamp.

Additionally, he’s partnered with New York-based apparel company UNDRCRWN, “The Brand of Champions.” to launch a line of “Sneaker Champ” t-shirts. The first two, titled Gilbert Arenas Is The Sneaker Champ and Sneaker Champ, are currently available at UNDRCRWN’s online store, located at The tees sell for $28, with $2 of each sale benefitting Arenas’ Zero Two Hero Foundation.

Arenas teamed with UNDRCRWN founder Dustin Canalin to design the Sneaker Champ shirts. Orlando Pinstriped Post, which has several UNDRCRWN tees in its closet, is working to secure an interview with Canalin to discuss the new apparel line, Arenas, and other relevant topics.

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