Robbie Faussett 

If you’ve noticed What Eye Thought over the past few months, I have been showing a lot of shine to the Action sports realm, especially with Skateboarding and BMX. I have a deep love for BMX being a rider myself, so It is with great pleasure that I present the 1st ever EBA BMX Squad.  Ryan Boccardi, Robbie Faussett, Mike Dunn, Austin Gerrity, Zack Springer and Zachary Gerber. Check out the roll call. 

Ryan Boccardi, EBA BMX Squad

Ryan Boccardi, EBA BMX Squad

Ryan Boccardi 

Age: 19 

Hometown: Lancaster, CA 

Disiciplines: Street, Dirt, Park 

Ryan has been skating since age 7, and since I met him has been absolutely fearless. This kid will jump off of anything. His hunger alone will certainly push him to wherever his dreams reside. 

Robbie Faussett, EBA BMX Squad

Robbie Faussett, EBA BMX Squad

Robbie Faussett 

Age: 20 

Hometown: Lancaster, CA 

Disciplines: Street, Dirt, Park 

Robbie rides his bike with such an agreesive spirit, but his style is so clean and effortless you would think that he’s on the bike 24/7. He has a quiet demeanor, but when he hopped on his bike his skills did all of the talking. Mos definitely a name to watch. 

Mike Dunn, EBA BMX Squad

Mike Dunn, EBA BMX Squad

Mike Dunn 

Age: 19 

Hometown: Lake Los Angeles, CA 

Disciplines: Street, Park 

I told Mike that he was born to be a action sports star, just based on his cool ass name. He was another one who had a clean, effortless style, and looked cool doing his shit, even when he was just posted up for a photo op. 

Austin Gerrity, EBA BMX Squad

Austin Gerrity, EBA BMX Squad

Austin Gerrity 

Age: 15 

Hometown: Hesperia, CA 

Disciplines: Street, Park, Dirt 

Out of all of the kids that I met at the skatepark, Austins quiet, driven demeanor was what stood out to me the most. When my PNC Jackie asked him about his riding experiences and goals, he responded with “This is all I want to do for the rest of my life.” I told him that if he keeps that drive and focus, the sky’s the limit. Why couldn’t I be this focused at 15? 

Zach Gerber, EBA BMX Squad

Zach Gerber, EBA BMX Squad

Zach Gerber 

Age: 24 

Hometown: Ridgway, PA 

Disciplines: Street, Park, Vert 

Zach is a beast simple and plain, you can go on his vimeo page and be floored by what your watching. He lets his talent speak for himself, but he can be summed up in one quote from his Vital BMX profile “haven’t got a whole lot to say. I ride, I chill with my lady, work and go to college. All within the hills of Pennsylvania. Life’s straight forward and simply.” 

Richard Garia, EBA BMX Squad

Richard Garcia 

Age: 20 

Hometown: Palmdale, CA 

Disciplines: Street, Dirt & Park 

Richie Rich gets air, its as simple as that. Supermans, backflips, seriously dialed turn downs, you name it. He’s currently transitioning back and forth between Palmdale and Riverside, but he always seems to have time to shred. Keep your eye out for this kid, he’s already competing and has no intentions of stopping, grind hard or go home.


4 responses to “E.B.A BMX SQUAD

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  2. i think you guys look like a cool company and i would like to help you advertise

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  4. i no this guy riche ive rode wit him a few time yea u guys was right he always doin the dam backflips an i no robby i also rode wit him bfor to..n quartz hill at hill view so yea im tryn to join the team an ride til i DIE…….SO WAS GOOD FELLAS WE RIDEN OR WAT!!!!!

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