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THURZ “DOPE” Official Video

THIS Ishh is DOPE!
“DOPE” is Thurz’s premiere music video off the album “L.A. Riot,” directed by long-time collaborator Mister Whitmore. Between THURZ’s enigmatic performance and Mister Whitmore’s ability to direct captivating visuals, the pair have created another timeless video. Watch as Thurz perform’s through a series of surreal visuals, all of which have been seamlessly stitched together



Thurz and the #92CREW rehearse for his first solo show at Paid Dues and hit the city of Los Angeles with wheatpasted posters of Thurz as Rodney King. Thurz is rocking on the Dues Paid stage at 2:30PM.

For posters and supplies and to learn how to wheatpaste and join the #92CREW “LA RIOT,” email Them at LARiots2012@gmail.com