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Charles Barkley Says “Weight Watchers…Biggest Scam Ever”

I this news report was taken way out of context. He basically said that getting paid to lose weight was easier than getting paid to watch sports. They love to blow things out of proportion. Shout out to Charley B


Kevin Durant Charity Game Top 10 Plays

Kevin Durant put on a Charity Event or really an NBA All-Star Game for his Oklahoma City fans. The Cox Arena was packed with over 13,000 fans, and they were definitely not let down. Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony put on a Show!

Rajon Rondo’s no-look alley-oop pass

The State Farm Big Blue All Star Tour has cured all our ills especially when Rajon Rondo hooks up with Kenneth Faried for an exhilarating alley oop late in the game

Battle of I-95 (20 minute Footage)

From this past Sunday. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowery, Lou Williams, Hakim Warrick, Donte Greene, Wayne Ellington, Mardy Collins, Josh Selby, Tyreke Evans, & Mark Tyndale all played in this game. Team Philly won 131-122

NBA 2K12 Insight – My Player Looks Crazy

Create our own jumpshot for your my players.

They have a new system that will allow us to quickly play through an entire NBA season by only playing key games to get through the seasons quicker.

It will have contracts and a salary negotiations that we can use to improve our skills, donate to charity, or throw parties for your team. Team chemistry and media image can be manipulated this ways.

Brooklyn Nets In 2012 NBA Season

Entrepreneur, Rapper and partial owner of the Nets basketball team, Jay-Z, announced some exciting news for the sports world. The formally known New Jersey Nets will officially be changed to the Brooklyn Nets for the 2012 season. In addition to the name change, the Nets will have a new colorway that has yet to be debuted. In celebration of the recent transition, the new Barclay Center will kick off its opening later next year with a special concert series featuring Jay-Z and friends.

Kevin Garnett Was Almost a Laker??

‘I Was Pretty Close’ to Being a Laker

Kevin Garnett just spent a few minutes on The Dan Patrick Show. During the interview, Garnett says that he almost became a Laker. Boy am I glad that didnt happen. Below is some of the interview viz Slamonline.com

On the Lockout: “At the end of the day common ground will be found. This game is too beautiful… I can’t see just throwing away the season… But if we do do that, both sides are prepared for that.”

On if he’s talked with Boston about contract extension: “Truthfully, no, I haven’t. Danny [Ainge], I think, in passing, in joking moments that we have, will throw something up in the air and be funny and we’ll laugh at it. But it’s nothing concrete, no.”

On how close he was to ending up a Laker and not a Celtic in the Summer of 2007: “I was pretty close, to be honest….Kob[e Bryant] and Phil [Jackson] at the time were at each other pretty bad. The situation was full of uncertainty. It wasn’t something I wanted to get into… It was my choice not to go to the Lakers.”

On playing with Shaquille O’Neal, and the 2010-11 season in general: “It was truly an honor to play alongside dude (Shaq). It was totally an experience. This year was the probably most fun I’ve had in a long time in the NBA, straight up.”